Built to Suit

Element Industrial develops production and warehousing facilities tailored to specific customer operational requirements.

This type of projects designed following client’s guidelines offer unique flexibility in terms of:

Location: our extensive local networks allow us to identify and execute acquisitions and permitting for lands situated in various geographies throughout Romania and neighboring countries. We interface with local authorities and asist client analysis with data on current and future infrastructure, availibility and cost of workforce, real estate dynamics, interconnection with road, rail and water transport and other key factors.

Design characteristics: we design and build facilities around specific production and logistic flows in order to optimize client’s processes and costs. The projects can be stand-alone or integrated in already existing masterplanned industrial parks, can vary in size, height, controlled temperature, energy consumption, office space content etc. Our design experts cooperate closely with the customer’s technical departments in order to offer the most efficient combination of resources in meeting the goals of our clients.

Type of financial cooperation: the flexibility of physical characteristics is doubled by a flexibility of financing options. The customer can opt for a secured lease in line with the specificity of the project (10 years or more for highly customized space) or it can commit to fund the development in various structures, with the end result being full ownership of the facility.

The Built to Suit projects offer the client a maximum of input and control over the development of its buildings. Specifications, timing and financing all work together in order to offer more efficiency and comfort. The client team defines location, flows for production and warehousing, plans and usage of areas, size and layout for offices and we develop the buildings with the characteristics and within the time frame agreed.